Model Factory

Models can use factories to automatically generate data for your application. They're incredibly useful to get 'real' data in place without the bloat of a database dump.

Factories are defined in the database/factories folder of the application. You can use Fakeropen in new window to generate data easily.

Defining Factories for a Model

A factory can be registered directly to a model.

use App\Models\Post;

 * Factory definition.
 * @var \Mantle\Database\Factory\Factory $factory
  function ( Faker $faker ) {
    return [
      'post_title'   => $faker->sentence,
      'post_content' => $faker->paragraph,
      'post_status'  => 'publish',
      'post_type'    => 'post',

Faking Blocks

In addition to faking normal content, Mantle includes a block provider for faking Gutenberg blocks.

Registering the Provider

To use the provider, register the provider with Faker

use Mantle\Framework\Faker\Faker_Provider;
use App\Models\Post;

  function ( Faker $faker ) {
		$this->faker->addProvider( new Faker_Provider( $this->faker ) );

		// ...
$this->faker->addProvider( new Faker_Provider( $this->faker ) );

Generating Blocks

Use the block method on a Faker instance to generate a block. You can optionally include attributes and content.

	'The Content',
		'exampleAttr' => true,
		'another' => false,

Which would produce this:

<!-- wp:namespace/block {"exampleAttr":true,"another":false} -->
The Content
<!-- /wp:namespace/block -->