# Helpers

Mantle includes a variety of global "helper" functions (props to Laravel) to make life easier.

# Application Helpers

# app()

Retrieve the global Mantle Application Container or a specific binding on the container.


app( Specific_Binding::class );

# config()

Retrieve a configuration value for the application in a dot-notation.

config( 'app.value-to.get', 'default value' );

# mantle_base_path()

Retrieve the base path to the application.


# response()

Helper to build a response for a route (see 'Requests Lifecycle').

response()->view( 'view/to/load' );

response()->json( [ 1, 2, 3 ] );

# view()

Return a new instance of a view.

echo view( 'view-to-load', [ 'variable' => 123 ] );

# loop()

Loop over a collection/array of post objects. Supports a collection or array of WP_Post objects, Mantle Models, post IDs, or a WP_Query object.

$posts = Post::all();
echo loop( $posts, 'view-to-load' );

# iterate()

Iterate over a collection/array of arbitrary data. Each view is passed index and item as a the current item in the loop.

echo iterate( [ 1, 2, 3 ], 'view-to-load' );

# mantle_get_var()

Get the variable for a template part.

mantle_get_var( 'index', 'default-value' );

# route()

Get a URL to a specific route.

route( 'route-name' );

# abort()

Throw a HTTP exception with a specific status code inside of a route.

abort( 404 );

abort( 400, 'Invalid arguments sent!' );

# abort_if() and abort_unless()

Abort if the given condition passes or fails a truth test.

abort_if( $value_to_check, 404 );

abort_unless( $value_to_check, 404 );

# Array Helpers

The Mantle\Support\Arr class contains all the Laravel array helper methods you might be familiar with (some methods have been renamed to match WordPress coding standards). You can reference those here (opens new window).

# String Helpers

The Mantle\Support\Str class contains all the Laravel string helper methods you might be familiar with. You can reference those here (opens new window).