# Configuration

# Introduction

Mantle provides a configuration interface to allow easy control over the application and how it differs on each environment. The application ships with a few configuration files in the config/ folder.

# Getting Configuration

Configuration is possible through the config() helper function, the Config alias, and Mantle\Facade\Config facade. Each method supports a "dot" syntax which includes the name of the file and the option you wish to access.

config( 'app.providers' );

Config::get( 'app.providers' );

Mantle\Facade\Config::get( 'app.providers' );

# Environment-specific Configuration

Environment-specific configuration is possible by including a configuration file in a child folder named after the respective environment to apply the configuration for.

The following is an example of a configuration value that is only loaded on the local environment.

├── README.md
├── config
│   ├── app.php
│   ├── local
│   │   └── app.php
// Located in config/local/app.php.
return [
	'providers' => App\Providers\Local_Service_Provider::class,